SOUNDPLAY 3 - The Shape of Sound
May 2, 2015 - 2:00 PM

Too late... show's over!

Bumbershoot Theatre is driven by an intent to cultivate and be innovative, to enhance and enrich the cultural and artistic environment and to provide unique experiences. With this in mind, BCT introduces to you our SOUNDPLAY initiative.

This series will cultivate self-expression, curiosity, inventiveness, imagination, discovery and connection. These hour-long experiences are designed to surround the participants in art, and encourage them to truly become a part of it.

SOUNDPLAY isn't purely performance, and it isn't entirely a workshop- IT IS an experience where those in the audience become immersed in the activity of the performance then become participants in the experience- in the creating of the art. Each event in the series will immerse the guest into a world of sound and music, combining it with either texture, colour, story, ritual, multimedia or movement.

TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT are Big Bear, Little Bear pricing $16 for an adult and a child together. Call 778-478-0142

Add-on pricing applies.

In partnership with Creator's Arts Centre

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